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National Curriculum at Schools in Uganda

As part of our current research project, we have been learning about the National Curriculum in Uganda. It is different to the model that we follow in Europe. It is based on a Curriculum Wheel that consists of eight Learning Areas. The Areas cover subject knowledge, but also general skills such as creative thinking and workplace behaviour.

Being a prominently Christian country, Religious education features in all primary and secondary schools. In addition to the usual subjects of language, science, mathematics, social science and physical education with creative arts, something called Life Education forms a part of the curriculum. This section focuses on life skills such as living healthily in the community and taking care of one’s personal health.


Interestingly for us since we are specifically looking at music education in Uganda, music has been classed under Physical Education. What this entails is something that we are currently finding out and conducting a survey on current practices taking place – we will be sharing the interesting findings soon! In the meantime, you can learn more about the National Curriculum on the website of the National Curriculum Development Centre:



Exam Work for the Last Term of the School Year

In Uganda, the school year runs from January to the end of November, with Christmas break being the longest holiday of the school year. This means that the current autumn term is the last term for school year 2016. With the majority of Ugandans being Christians by religion, it is important for them to have a longer break for Christmas and also it is the dry season over there, meaning it is lovely sunny weather most of the time – in other words, ideal time for holidays.

Currently, our consultancy in Kampala is busy getting exam revision books and exam papers ready for the exams that are to take place later on this term. These are the end of school year exams and many schools lack the needed books and papers for completing them properly. Our consultancy is liaising with different school and education authorities in order to help them fulfil the requirements and to help pupils pass their exams with flying colours.





Consultancy for Exam Preparation

Unlike in Europe, schools in Uganda are in charge of designing and printing out their exam papers for assessing their students’ progress and level of learning. There is no standardised examination body in the country that would provide schools with exam papers and have a standardized criteria for assessing students’ learning. It is a great responsibility and task for teachers to devise appropriate exams.

Our Educational Consultancy in Kampala offers a service to local teachers where they can receive assistance in designing their exams and printing them out in appropriate formats. So far, schools around Kampala have taken up this service and the consultancy is keen to reach out to more rural areas too – so do please do get in touch with us should you need assistance in this regard! Both primary and secondary schools are very welcome.


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