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Where Do We Work in Uganda? Regions and areas covered…

Uganda is not the biggest country on the continent of Africa, but still it covers a fairly large area of the East part of the continent. Our music school and consultancy is based in Kampala, the capital, which is in the central region of the country, conveniently located on the shores of Lake Victoria and near Entebbe International airport.

Over the years, we have done much work in the Eastern region of the country, close to the Kenyan border near Mount Elgon. At the moment, this part of the country is not developing as fast as the Western part due to tribal issues and the tribes from the West dominating in politics, further leasing to the marginalization of Eastern tribes.

Our consultancy work has also spread to the norther parts of the country, which has suffered under military occupation and been much affected by the instability on the other side of the border in Sudan. We are pleased that our schools books and teacher training materials have brought some joy to this region whilst improving educational standards.

Below you can find the map of Uganda that shows the different regions that we work in.

map of uganda


End of School Year Exams in Uganda

And it’s end of school year exam time in Uganda where the school year runs from January to November 😊


Mulago Development Group

Our school and consultancy in Kampala, Uganda, has been working in partnership with Mulago Development Group. The group provides education and health care to children in Ghana and Uganda. Their ethos is that no matter anyone’s background, everyone has the same right to a good life.

You can find more detailed information on the group on their facebook page:


A few weeks ago, the group rescued a baby girl who had been abandoned by her parents and left in a pit by a road. She has been doing well whilst being looked after by members of the group . Generous donation from our European supporters have helped to get basic food and clothes for her. At the moment she is receiving treatment for malaria, which is still a very common illness across Africa. Any donations towards her treatment and other basics are much appreciated – please get in touch with the group via their facebook page in regard to this.

Here you can see her sweet face and what an adorable girl she is despite the tough start to life!

Photos Updates from Uganda

Our friend and colleague Ann Rich has been in Uganda for a few days and already has done many wonderful things for the local kids. For now, she is in Kampala where she is checking on the progress of her nursery school, as well as our music school and educational consultancy. Thanks to some amazing donors, the kids received some new story books, which they enjoyed listening to.

Happy Holidays


It is the end of the school year in Uganda, and so all of our wonderful students have graduated and are off on a long Christmas holidays break. They will return in January when the new school year starts. We hope that they all have a wonderful and refreshing break, and thank them for studying with us this school year!


Study Books for the Holidays

Our consultancy in Kampala, Uganda, is busy designing, writing and printing out study books for the holiday season. In Uganda, pupils are taking their end of school year exams in November and then, in the end of the month, they start their long Christmas break lasting around 7 weeks. In January, they start the next school year.

Many pupils do not have much to do over the holidays apart from helping their families. This is why many of them want to attend holiday schools that are offered in many schools and study independently from books. However, access to the appropriate books is scarce, in particular in the more rural areas. At the same time, kids often get in trouble (such as bad crowds, girls falling pregnant, boys getting into fights…) in the countryside when they do not have much to do. This is why our consultancy is currently making study books for kids that can then be distributed to different schools and given to kids before they break off for the long holiday.



Help Kids Smile

Our music school and educational consultancy, as well as the Mother Ann Nursery school, have received some generous donations from giving individuals. Simple items as such school bags, paper for the printer and pens for writing are always a necessity in any education setting. However, when finds are tight, the kids attending classes in our school premises might not be able to afford to get them.

We as a school are committed to giving them what they need in order to make the most of their education. And this is where small sponsorships and donations make all the difference – just a £5-note can buy all the necessary stationary needed for a child to be able to learn to write musical notes properly, to write letters, to experience the fun of drawing, or to do most activities that we learn in our schools in Europe.

If you think that you can make kids genuinely smile by donating as little as £5, then please do not hesitate to get in touch! There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that your small act of kindness changed someone else’s life.

School Consultancy for the Entire Northern Uganda

Our educational consultancy in Kampala, Uganda, has been granted a consultancy to work closely with schools and education professionals covering the whole northern part of Uganda. This is a significant improvement for the area – the northern part is closer to Sudan and the unrest in the neighbouring country has affected the development of northern Uganda. A rebel group called Lord’s Resistance Army that is based South Sudan has also caused unrest in northern Uganda and made education work in the area more difficult.

Our consultancy is delighted to be working closely with schools in the area. The first main aim is to provide schools with books and much needed equipment. Thanks to recent growth of our consultancy, we are able offer free delivery to all schools and we look forward to starting teacher training with them soon.



School Book Services & Consultancy in Kampala

Our consultancy and music school in Kampala, Uganda, has been carrying out excellent school book services. Last week alone, the local staff designed, proof read and printed out 400 books for local primary and secondary schools. Our local staff has tremendously enjoyed such work, knowing that they are helping thousands of kids receive a proper education.

In Uganda, schools are in charge of designing or buying their own books, with their being little general guideline or requirements as to what type of books they should use. Therefore, knowledge on the school system and curriculum is of great benefit when designing such books and our experienced education staff have been delighted to use their knowledge for such a purpose.

We are delighted to see many happy kids learn and get an education!

school 1


Research Projects at Buna School of Music

At our music school and educational consultancy, we have had several research project write up assignments with local universities. The Makerere University is just around the corner from the office and any scholars and students have approached us for help with their research projects.

Such research work has been a great additional income for the music school, as well as a lovely mentally stimulating activity for the staff to engage in. We hope to receive more collaborations of this nature and so do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

school 1