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Solution for Extremely Dry Hands and Feet

I think that I have finally found a solution to my extremely dry hands and feet. I’m one of those people who get very dry skin, in particular in the winter. In the summer, it’s not so bad – but now with a young child and pets around, I find myself washing my hands all the time and this in turn dries up my hands.

Over the years, I have tried so many different hand creams and only a couple have actually worked. In particular when living in Finland, with the dry climate and cold winters, I used to get horrible itchy and dry skin.

Now – finally!- I seem to have found a cream that works! It is actually a foot cream for very dry feet, but I was told that it can also be used for dry hands. So I had to try it out… and it works!

The key point is that a persistent dry skin problem requires more than moisturising – and that’s what this cream does; it works on the underlying cause. The cream is based on wisdom derived from the rainforest region in Central America. It features crushed allspice berry, which has traditionally been used by the indigenous people of Central America to relieve persistent dry, cracked, red skin on heels, toes and sides of the feet. The berry contains enzymes that help to restore healthy skin.

I can personally say that the power of the plant is certainly found in this cream – after applying it 3-4 times a day (just a tiny portion at a time) for a week, the skin on my hands isn’t dry and itchy any more. Now it’s summer time and the air isn’t as dry – so it’s yet to be seen how it works on my skin in the winter. But I am hopeful!

It’s great value for money as well – the tube is big in size and you only need to use a tiny amount each time for your hands and feet so it should last several weeks. And what’s more – a percentage of the sales will be donated to Malawi, one of the poorest nations on earth.




Research on a Rare Skin Disorder

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a genetically transmitted skin disorder that causes the development of blisters or open sores which never go away and can cover as much as 75 percent of the body. Skin is the largest organ on human body and so this disorder has a severe impact on the quality of the sufferer’s life. For example, it can take three hours just to have a bath…!

Not much is known about the disorder and ingoing research is taking place in leading research universities and research centres. The Stanford University in the US is one such place – and they receive regular donations from the sells of an amazing mud mask. The company that makes and sells the mud mask has so far donated more than $15million to EB research. With such support, the company and its Force for Good Foundation are helping to find a cure for EB, or at least make the lives of those affected by the disorder more comfortable.



And the mud mask itself is amazing – it contains more than 50 different minerals, is extremely pure and cleanses your skin amazingly well. I can testify to that – I have tried many different mud masks in my life and none cleanses my skin as well as this one! And when I found out that a percentage of the money is dedicated to this type of research, I felt like I have to keep using the mask and supporting such a worthy cause!

If you’d like to try the mask out (either a sample or to purchase one – very good price; great value for money!), do drop us a line! As you can see below, many celebrities are also using it.


Refreshing Deodorant in Time for Summer

Summer time is here, which also means that we will be sweating more. I don’t know about you, but I hate the smell of my sweat and even more so I hate the feeling of sweat under my armpits. This is why a good quality deodorant is a must for me – one with a nice fresh smell that lasts for the hole day without me having to worry about reapplying it.

Luckily I have found one! The Epoch Deodorant has been made with a with a patented Citrisome technology that combats odour extremely effectively. At the same time, natural conditioners refresh and moisturise the skin under the arms. The formula enables it to glide on easily and it is also non-whitening. I tried it on with many different shirts and none of them got stains!

What I found nice about it as well was that it seems to have a soothing effect on the skin under my armpits. After reading about the ingredients, I discovered that indeed it contains an extract that has a soothing effect. The citrus extract found in the deodorant has been used in various cultures throughout the Caribbean and China as a skin moisturiser and softener. The deodorant also contains a camomile extract  that is known for its skin softening effects.

No irritation under the arms and a freshness that lasts the whole day – what else would we want?

…Well, one more important point – the use of antiperspirants has been linked to cancer as they blog the emission of toxins from the body and so can contribute to the development of breast cancer in particular. But you don’t need to worry about that with this deodorant – it has been designed so that you will still sweat out all the toxins, but you won’t smell and you won’t get any stains in your clothes. Amazing as now we can be fresh the whole summer without worrying about terrible illnesses such as breast cancer!


I was also told by a friend that the extracts in the deodorant can help clear any pimples and outbreaks on your skin. Although initially I was sceptical, I tried it out when I got a spot on a my skin – and it worked! I put a little bit on the spot and left it on over night: in the morning the spot was gone!! The same friend also told me that it works as an excellent mosquito repellent. I am yet to try this out this summer when I go to the countryside, but I’m pretty sure that the sharp citrus smell would keep mosquitos far away!!

Also don’t forget that a percentage of the money you spend on purchasing the product – which is a very reasonable price for its excellent quality and also lasts a long time – is donated to education projects in Malawi. Over the past years with the money donated through products purchases  schools have been built, trees planted, farmers educated, and kids fed in one of the poorest countries on this planet.

If you would like to try out this deodorant , do get in touch with us a- we’d be happy to get it for you and help the folks in Malawi (please note: it is not available in shops, it can only be purchased directly from distributors).



Perfect 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for the Summer

Nowadays there are so many shampoos and conditioners that it’s hard to know which one to go for. Often it’s trial and error for some time before you find your favourite ones. That’s how it was for me and then I discovered this 2-in-1 shampoo and light conditioner that keeps my hair clean and conditioned while also keeping my scalp healthy.

The product is called Ava Puhi Moni Shampoo and Light conditioner. It contains the Ava Puhi extract, which is an extract derived from the flower of a ginger plant called Zingber Xerumbet. The extract has been used for centuries in the Polynesians in South East Asia as a cleanser for hair. The formula leaves hair clean, manageable and lustrous.

Personally I can say that my hair is very soft after using this shampoo. The conditioner in it is light indeed, because my hair is not greasy at all. My hair type is more on the dry side – not extremely dry but would rather be classified as dry than oily. Using this shampoo & conditioner twice a week has been enough to keep the hair clean, soft and conditioned. However, if you decide to try the product out, you may need to use it more often depending on your hair type. But not to worry – the product has especially been designed so that it can be used daily.


What makes the shampoo & conditioner even more wonderful is that a  percentage of its price goes straight to education projects in Malawi. Over the past years, with the money donated through products purchases  schools have been built, trees planted, farmers educated, and kids fed in one of the poorest countries on this planet.

If you would like to try out this shampoo and conditioner at a cheaper price, do get in touch with us a- we’d be happy to get it for you and help the folks in Malawi.



Firewalker – relaxing foot cream for the end of the day

Although it’s called Firewalker, we are actually talking about a very relaxing and rejuvenating foot cream. We all know the feeling of when we’ve been on our feet for ages and feel like lifting them up on the table or resting them against the wall. We also know how relaxing foot baths and pedicures can be. If you know what I’m talking about, then the Firewalker foot cream is for you!


The foot cream contains two plants that have been used in traditional medicine in South America and South East Asia for centuries. Cordyline Terminalis  is a small and beautiful tree with broad soft leaves found in South East Asia and has been used for centuries as a cooling gel on dry and callused skin. Babassu (official name Orbignya Phalerata) is pressed from the kernels of the Babassu Palm found in South America and has been used for generations as a natural moisturiser.

Can you think of a better combination for nourishing your feet?

Simply massage the cream into towel-dried feet after cleansing and let its wonderful effects sink in.

And don’t forget that a  percentage of the price paid for the f cream goes straight to education projects in Malawi. Over the past years, with the money donated through products purchases  schools have been built, trees planted, farmers educated, and kids fed in one of the poorest countries on this planet.

If you would like to try out this wonderful foot cream at a cheaper price, do get in touch with us and we can make it happen.


Amazing Diffuser for Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in many ways at home to create a relaxing spa-type atmosphere, or to energize you through the day. They can be excellent in calming hyper kids down (I have a lot of experience of this!), helping you concentrate when you work on the computer or just generally create a cosy environment.

Many of us apply them on our skin or use them in a bath. However, using them in a diffuser is also an excellent way of gaining the benefits. Our sense of smell is very strong. What we inhale in the air inlfuences our brain as well as our neurvous sytem. Through smelling essential oils in the air, we can influence how we feel and this can also have any health benefits. For example, inhaling lavender can really relax you and calm you down, while inhalinh a citurs scent can energise you and refreshen you.

oils 1

It is essential to choose a good quality diffuser. What you want is to be able to put only a couple of drops of essential oil in water inside the diffuser and then enjoy the lovely aroma that will not only help you feel better but also create a lovely atmosphere at your house. Oil burners have been used for the purpose for a long time, but in fact they don’t diffuse essential oils properly and a water-based diffuser has been found to be much more effective as they instantly diffuse essential oils into the air.

Sometimes you need to try different diffusers and ways of doing it before finding the right one. But I can help you out here as I have found an excellent diffuser that certain serves its purpose very well. Its high technology build enables it to diffuse any essential oils into the air instantly. It is also a small size with a wooden pretty look, making it fit any décor or home nicely. It is also sturdy and, although I have had mine only for a short while, I would expect it to last for a long time. The price is also reasonably and very average for such  diffuser.

What’s more, a percentage of your money will be donated to helping kids in Malawi through a Foundation working on educational an food projects over there.  If you would like to know more about the diffuser, do get in touch!



Excellent Eucalyptus Essential Oil to Help with the Weather Changes

The weather has been very unpredictable lately, at least in the UK where we love. One day has been warm and sunny, the next cold and cloudy. Such weather changes often lead to epidemics of colds and flus, sinusitis and other common illnesses. We’ve had it all in our household. Even I had a terrible proper flu for a few weeks – I haven’t suffered such a bad flu in years! It was one of those ones where all your muscles ache, you have terrible shivers and high fever, ears and nose are blocked… you get the idea!

But thankfully there are wonderful remedies out there that can really help with these illnesses that we all get at some point in our lives. For me, one of the best remedies was an essential oil mix called Chill. It is made of the essentials gathered from eucalyptus, pine and citrus. It is very refreshing and opens up a blocked nose in no time. You can mix just two drops of it (it is very strong!) with a carrier oil and apply over your sinuses, nose and temples. Within a few minutes, you can feel your sinuses opening up, your headache easing and you breathing getting better. It was also be used in the bath water to relax your muscles and in a diffuser – when it is diffused into room air, it will also help with opening any blocked noses and with your breathing.



Eucalyptus has been used for centuries for medical purposes, but this blend is especially effective because it combines eucalyptus with pine and citrus oils – the blend really works wonders and I’ll be sure to keep a bottle handy at all times.

What’s even more wonderful about it is that the company who sells it runs projects in Malawi and donates part of the money for educational projects there. Over the past years, they have build schools, planted trees, educated farmers, and fed kids in one of the poorest countries on this planet.

If you would like to try out this wonderful blend at a cheaper price, do get in touch with us and we can make it happen.





Natural Nectar for Beautiful Hair

No doubt most of us want to have beautiful, shiny and healthy-looking hair. It feels good when our scalps are in good condition and when our hair is knot-free and smooth. However, there are so many hair products out there that sometimes it is difficult to know which ones to choose. In particular since we all have slightly different types and textures of hair that vary in their degrees of roughness and tickness.

For centuries, natural products have been used in caring for our hair, in particular in more traditional cultures who live close to nature. In Polynesia, locals have used the extract from the bulb-like flower cluster of the ava puhi plant for thorough cleansing and conditioning of their hair.Being curious about the product, we tried it out on light-brown European hair, black African hair and mixed-race (half European, half African) hair. We can say that all types of hair were better hydrated, incredibly smooth and healthy-looking after just one wash. Ever since then we have all been advocates of this light shampoo and conditioner seen in the picture below. Please note the products isn’t sold in shops but can be ordered from me, and also that the prices are different in the UK market.


Pamper your skin & Plant a tree in Malawi

We all know the feeling when our skin gets very dry in particular during the colder winter months. It’s imperative to use a rich lotion during those months in order to avoid a very dry and itchy skin. However, some body lotions don’t do the trick, and some others are too rich and leave a layer of thick cream on the skin. We all want a body lotion that does the trick, but also leaves the skin nice and smooth – and dry!

Most of us also like to hydrate our skin with natural ingredients. One very effective hydrator for the skin is the baobab tree found in Africa. Locals across Africa have used the tree for making nourishing skin products. Shea butter is also known for its skin-healing and nourishing properties. These two ethnobotanicals promote smooth, supple skin that stays touchable and soft all day.

Having suffered from dry skin for my whole life, I finally discovered a body butter that combines all of the above and has kept my skin in top condition ever since then. No more dry skin, leaving me feel completely ease in my own skin – so to say!

body butter 1

And what’s more – for each tub of the body butter bought, the company plants a tree in Malawi. So – by using an amazing body butter on my skin, I am also helping Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world.

I strongly encourage you to give it a go and see it for yourself – and even if you don’t like the product, you can feel good about having planted a tree in Malawi. Do get in touch if you would like to try it – it is not sold in shops but we have access to it and can order it for you:


The Secrets of Essential Oils

The uses for essential oils are diverse. Made from plants, the oils have many beautiful qualities and have been used in oriental countries for centuries for their healing qualities. Essential oils are extracted from plant leaves, flowers, stems, roots or bark, making them ideal tools for using as a natural and healthy solution in a more potent form. Since essential oils are obtained from plants and contain volatile aromas, they possess characteristic odour. They are extracted from plants through steam distillation or expression (pressing the rinds).

In fact, essential oils carry the essence of the plants in such a potent form that a single drop of essential oil can equal multiple teaspoons of the dried herb. For example, 1 drop of peppermint oil equals more than 25 cups of peppermint tea. This is why they can be used or applied in a multitude of ways and in many combinations to bring powerful results. In addition to working on a physical level, the oils can cause very pleasurable sensory experiences within minutes because of their fragrances and restorative natures, making them impactful on our brain chemistry, emotional well-being, and spiritual wellness.

oils 1

It should be noted that the remarkable uses of essential oils can only be maximized when purity is involved. Since quality regulations are virtually non-existent, knowing where your oils come from and how they are created is crucial to ensuring safety and effectiveness. Also important is knowing how to use each oil properly. The oils that we work with, the Epoch Range, have been produced through tight quality controls at all stages of product development. In addition, the world’s leading ethnobotanists, Dr Paul Cox, has been involved in the process. He has studied the usage of botanicals by indigenous cultures and infuses this wisdom into our modern lifestyle.

Some uses for essential oils:

  • Mix a couple of drops in a body oil and apply to your skin;
  • Use as a diffuser and inhale the lovely aroma;
  • Add a few drops to your bath water;
  • Apply with your massage oils when having a massage; or
  • Add a few drops into play dough and let the kids feel the effects too.


We have a few different blends of oils o offer:

  • Epoch Harmony: Cinnamon Clove Blend- Powerful aromas, for a warm and cosy feeling;
  • Epoch Chill: Eucalyptus Pine Blend – A fresh camphor-like smell, for a feeling of easy breathing and a cooling sensation;
  • Epoch Sunshine: Citrus Mint Blend – This exotic essential oil blend makes you feel refreshed, for a perfect everyday start-up; and
  • Epoch Peace: Lavender Bergamot Blend – Gives you a feeling of peace, all what you need to regain your balance.

We also have single blends for peppermint, lavender and lemon.

oils 2

From every bottle of oil sold, we donate 10 percent to the Nourish the Children Foundation in Malawi that provides food and basic education to children and their families in Malawi. So, while feeling great when using the oils, you also help children in Malawi lead better lives. What’s not to like?

Drop us a line at if you would like to order a bottle or two. From personal experience, we can say that on bottle lasts you several months!