Great Youtube Channels for Piano Tutorials

Luckily nowadays we all have easy access to internet and so learning to play a musical instrument is made even easier given the great help and guidance that we can find on various websites!

When learning to play a piece of music, it is always good to listen to the piece regularly so as not to learn it the wrong way. This is where various youtube channels come in handy – and they are also handy if there is a piece or a song that you would like to learn and don’t have the sheet music for it.

Here is our top four most used youtube channels that we regularly check and follow for inspiration and guidance:

1. Peter Plutax – great mix of easy-ti-intermediate level piano tutorials with covers of current pop songs added regularly;

2. The Theorist – excellent site for piano tutorials on more advanced players with classics and more recent pop songs being added regularly;

3. ABRSM – this is the official site for the ABRSM examination centre and includes tutorials and clips on various aspects of their music exams; if you are getting ready for a grade exams, be sure to check this site out;

4. Trinity College London – this is the official site for the Trinity College of Music if you are following their exam system; lots of helpful clips and guidance to be found here to get you ready for your exam in style.


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