Music Theory Books for Beginner Musicians

When starting to play a musical instrument,many beginner students need a while to get their head around music theory and musical notation – this is completely normal as learning music is similar to learning a new language!

Luckily nowadays there are many good books for learning the basics of musical notation and theory – it takes some quiet study time on your own at home; but it is definitely worth investing the time into trying to understand the basics as then the rest will fall into place much quicker.

Here is a few suggestions on suitable beginner books – some of these are applicable for any instrument; some specifically for the piano:


This one is a great introduction to the basics of music theory with fun sticker and drawing activities

– MICHAEL AARON PIANO COURSE GRADE 1 by Michael Aaron (Belwin, UK)

This books is suitable for children and adults alike and covers all basic music theory and note-reading comprehensively.

– HAL LEONARD ADULT PIANO METHOD by various (Hal Leonard, USA)

For adults, this book covers basics for the piano well. It might be challenging for younger learners, but if one has played another musical instrument before, this might still be suitable.

Once you get the basics right, you’ll be a happy musicians 🙂



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