Where Do We Work in Uganda? Regions and areas covered…

Uganda is not the biggest country on the continent of Africa, but still it covers a fairly large area of the East part of the continent. Our music school and consultancy is based in Kampala, the capital, which is in the central region of the country, conveniently located on the shores of Lake Victoria and near Entebbe International airport.

Over the years, we have done much work in the Eastern region of the country, close to the Kenyan border near Mount Elgon. At the moment, this part of the country is not developing as fast as the Western part due to tribal issues and the tribes from the West dominating in politics, further leasing to the marginalization of Eastern tribes.

Our consultancy work has also spread to the norther parts of the country, which has suffered under military occupation and been much affected by the instability on the other side of the border in Sudan. We are pleased that our schools books and teacher training materials have brought some joy to this region whilst improving educational standards.

Below you can find the map of Uganda that shows the different regions that we work in.

map of uganda


End of School Year Exams in Uganda

And it’s end of school year exam time in Uganda where the school year runs from January to November 😊


Practice Makes Perfect (…or at least better!)

As with any skill and with anything new that one is learning, practice is essential when learning to play a musical instrument. Along the years, we have come across students who were taking instrumental lesson, but they didn’t have a musical instrument at home. As you can imagine, progress was very minimal – if you only do a 30 minute class per week on an instrument and no practice in between, you can only expect to learn the basics. Likewise, those students who don’t practice regularly, do not achieve their full potential.

On a positive note, lately we have seen tremendous progress in some of our students who have who previous did very minimal practice and nowadays are practicing 2-3 times per week. The difference is remarkable and really goes to show that whatever little practice you can put in, it will definitely pay off! Even with the excuse of being busy, it is easy to fit in a 10 minute practice here and there – it should relax you anyway and help you feel better!