Grade Exams for all Instruments

We receive many inquiries and questions about the graded instrumental exams that have become very popular nowadays – not only for assessing someone’s level of music education but also for gaining extra points for getting places in institutions such as secondary schools. Anyone can register for such an exam, which are organized and monitored by an independent examination body. Passing the exams gives a more formal and clear idea on one’s ability to play a specific instrument as well as their overall musical ability.

The exams are carried out three times a year in the autumn (October-November), spring (March) and summer (June-July). Generally we encourage students to do a grade per year of learning, though at times it might be possible to do two grades per year. The exams can give one focus and motivation to practice and learn; however, they should not be the sole focus and other materials in addition to exam pieces should also be played and practiced in order to develop as an all-rounded musician.

If someone has been playing an instrument for quite some time and hasn’t yet done any grades, it is possible to start on later grade. For example, go straight to grade 2 or 3. Your teacher can assist you in understanding your level of playing in relation to the graded exams.

For further information, for booking an exam, ordering exams books or any other details, please see:


piano 1






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