Research Project on Climate Change in Uganda

Climate change is a widely talked about topic and its derive effects are not fully known. We can all tell that our weather patterns are changing, no matter where we are in the world. In more developed countries, people have the resources to deal with such changes; however in the developing world, it is a different story.

In Uganda, heavy rains have been causing havoc lately. Over there, the year is split into dry and rainy seasons, with the dry season expected to start at any time now. However, very heavy rain has caused flooding, muddy roads that are hard to drive on, and even natural disasters such as landslides and flooding of rivers.

Staff at our consultancy in Kampala are  currently undertaking research into how such climate change affects the occurrence  of landslides and deforestation in rural parts of Uganda near the Mount Elgon. Historically, the area has been badly affect by landslides and there is much fear that climate change and heavy rains will make the problems worse.

We are keen to finalise the report on the research and then present it to the relevant Government Officials.




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