Study Books for the Holidays

Our consultancy in Kampala, Uganda, is busy designing, writing and printing out study books for the holiday season. In Uganda, pupils are taking their end of school year exams in November and then, in the end of the month, they start their long Christmas break lasting around 7 weeks. In January, they start the next school year.

Many pupils do not have much to do over the holidays apart from helping their families. This is why many of them want to attend holiday schools that are offered in many schools and study independently from books. However, access to the appropriate books is scarce, in particular in the more rural areas. At the same time, kids often get in trouble (such as bad crowds, girls falling pregnant, boys getting into fights…) in the countryside when they do not have much to do. This is why our consultancy is currently making study books for kids that can then be distributed to different schools and given to kids before they break off for the long holiday.




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