Light Reading for the Summer

For anyone looking for some light reading this summer, Fanny Blake’s ‘House of Dreams’ is highly recommended! I came across the book while browsing in our local library for something to read – something that would be light to read but also entertaining and would have a good plot to follow. ‘House of Dream’ is just it and I’ve been laughing every evening now while reading it!

The book is a heart-warming tale of family secrets that are slowly revealed after the mother of the  family passes away and her three children go out to their family house on the Spanish coast for one last time. Just the setting alone is ideal reading for the summer – you can just imagine yourself sitting on the beach by the seaside (even when it’s raining outside in the UK!). As the siblings discover new things about their family and hippy mother, the reader is thoroughly entertained – but can also reflect on how all families are not as straightforward as they might seem for an outsider.

Fanny Blake had a successful career as an Editor for many of the major publishers in the UK before deciding that she actually wanted to write books herself, not just read other people’s books. Nowadays she also uses her literature knowledge on being a judge for several literary awards.

You can find out more about ‘House of Dreams’ and Fanny’s other books on her website – we think that her books are a must this summer!








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