Amazing Diffuser for Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in many ways at home to create a relaxing spa-type atmosphere, or to energize you through the day. They can be excellent in calming hyper kids down (I have a lot of experience of this!), helping you concentrate when you work on the computer or just generally create a cosy environment.

Many of us apply them on our skin or use them in a bath. However, using them in a diffuser is also an excellent way of gaining the benefits. Our sense of smell is very strong. What we inhale in the air inlfuences our brain as well as our neurvous sytem. Through smelling essential oils in the air, we can influence how we feel and this can also have any health benefits. For example, inhaling lavender can really relax you and calm you down, while inhalinh a citurs scent can energise you and refreshen you.

oils 1

It is essential to choose a good quality diffuser. What you want is to be able to put only a couple of drops of essential oil in water inside the diffuser and then enjoy the lovely aroma that will not only help you feel better but also create a lovely atmosphere at your house. Oil burners have been used for the purpose for a long time, but in fact they don’t diffuse essential oils properly and a water-based diffuser has been found to be much more effective as they instantly diffuse essential oils into the air.

Sometimes you need to try different diffusers and ways of doing it before finding the right one. But I can help you out here as I have found an excellent diffuser that certain serves its purpose very well. Its high technology build enables it to diffuse any essential oils into the air instantly. It is also a small size with a wooden pretty look, making it fit any décor or home nicely. It is also sturdy and, although I have had mine only for a short while, I would expect it to last for a long time. The price is also reasonably and very average for such  diffuser.

What’s more, a percentage of your money will be donated to helping kids in Malawi through a Foundation working on educational an food projects over there.  If you would like to know more about the diffuser, do get in touch!




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