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Excellent Eucalyptus Essential Oil to Help with the Weather Changes

The weather has been very unpredictable lately, at least in the UK where we love. One day has been warm and sunny, the next cold and cloudy. Such weather changes often lead to epidemics of colds and flus, sinusitis and other common illnesses. We’ve had it all in our household. Even I had a terrible proper flu for a few weeks – I haven’t suffered such a bad flu in years! It was one of those ones where all your muscles ache, you have terrible shivers and high fever, ears and nose are blocked… you get the idea!

But thankfully there are wonderful remedies out there that can really help with these illnesses that we all get at some point in our lives. For me, one of the best remedies was an essential oil mix called Chill. It is made of the essentials gathered from eucalyptus, pine and citrus. It is very refreshing and opens up a blocked nose in no time. You can mix just two drops of it (it is very strong!) with a carrier oil and apply over your sinuses, nose and temples. Within a few minutes, you can feel your sinuses opening up, your headache easing and you breathing getting better. It was also be used in the bath water to relax your muscles and in a diffuser – when it is diffused into room air, it will also help with opening any blocked noses and with your breathing.



Eucalyptus has been used for centuries for medical purposes, but this blend is especially effective because it combines eucalyptus with pine and citrus oils – the blend really works wonders and I’ll be sure to keep a bottle handy at all times.

What’s even more wonderful about it is that the company who sells it runs projects in Malawi and donates part of the money for educational projects there. Over the past years, they have build schools, planted trees, educated farmers, and fed kids in one of the poorest countries on this planet.

If you would like to try out this wonderful blend at a cheaper price, do get in touch with us and we can make it happen.






New Main Teacher at Kampala School

Our new Main Teacher Jonan is busy with students at the Kampala music school. He has done a wonderful job taking over from our previous Main Teacher Frank who was involved in a horrendous traffic accident and caught tetanus while in hospital. The fight with the disease was too much for him and he passed away just before Easter. He helped us with many wonderful ideas and excellent teaching during the first months of the school’s existence. He is missed by us all. At the same time we are lucky to have Jonan with us and wish him a warm welcome.


Beauty Gives Back

250 villages

155 islands

55 countries

That’s it in numbers how much valuable work the Force for Good Foundation has done for children in the world. Reaching out to those living in poverty across the globe, the Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of children by offering hope for a life free from disease, illiteracy and poverty.

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How the Foundation works is by selling ethically produced fair trade beauty and health products by paying the local workers fair wages, sources plant-based ingredients and then donating a percentage of the profits to development projects world-wide. Its unique brand called the Epoch Range consists of skin and hair care products was developed in partnership with the world’s leading ethnobotanists—scientists who study the relationship between plants and indigenous cultures.

The products themselves range from essential oils to foot cream to facial mud masks and baby shampoo and body wash. There is a wide variety of carefully crafted health and beauty products that have been designed to keep our bodies in good health and looking good without causing any damage to it.

A donation of 25 cents from the sale of each Epoch product is used for a variety of educational projects in 55 countries. From the Foundation’s first project to support the traditions and environment of families living in the Falealupo village in Western Samoa to the now hundreds of humanitarian projects supported in more than 50 countries, the Force for Good Foundation is committed to making a difference for thousands, if not millions, of children for generations to come. After Malawi having officially been announced as the poorest country in the world, the Foundation has provided much needed resources in the country, such as planting trees, offering agricultural education and building schools.


Personally, I have tried many of the Epoch range products and have been very pleased with the quality. Each product lasts for a long time and so is definitely value for money. Nowadays with all the talk about chemicals causing cancer and how we should be aware of what products we use, it is essential to choose those ones that are gentle on your body and don’t cause any harm to it.  The Epoch range uses plant-based ingredients and I can tell you that they leave you feeling super healthy, clean and radiant.

If you are not sure which product to try out first, I would recommend getting the Force for Good Collection. I just got this last week and have been loving the variety of products included in it. Check out the pretty box above that the products came in as well. It includes: a marine mud mask for your face; a nourishing foot cream for your feet; an exfoliating foot scrub; a gel for invigorating tired feet; a fizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner; and a body butter suitable for your whole body.


In addition to trying out all these lovely products, you’ll know that a percentage will be given to the Foundation directly and your money will be used for helping those who need it the most – which is why you’ll also be sent this wonderful certificate as a thank you for choosing to buy the products.


If you are interested in getting your hands on the wonderful box of products, email us directly and we can get it for you at wholesale prices :