Natural Nectar for Beautiful Hair

No doubt most of us want to have beautiful, shiny and healthy-looking hair. It feels good when our scalps are in good condition and when our hair is knot-free and smooth. However, there are so many hair products out there that sometimes it is difficult to know which ones to choose. In particular since we all have slightly different types and textures of hair that vary in their degrees of roughness and tickness.

For centuries, natural products have been used in caring for our hair, in particular in more traditional cultures who live close to nature. In Polynesia, locals have used the extract from the bulb-like flower cluster of the ava puhi plant for thorough cleansing and conditioning of their hair.Being curious about the product, we tried it out on light-brown European hair, black African hair and mixed-race (half European, half African) hair. We can say that all types of hair were better hydrated, incredibly smooth and healthy-looking after just one wash. Ever since then we have all been advocates of this light shampoo and conditioner seen in the picture below. Please note the products isn’t sold in shops but can be ordered from me, and also that the prices are different in the UK market.



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