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Natural Nectar for Beautiful Hair

No doubt most of us want to have beautiful, shiny and healthy-looking hair. It feels good when our scalps are in good condition and when our hair is knot-free and smooth. However, there are so many hair products out there that sometimes it is difficult to know which ones to choose. In particular since we all have slightly different types and textures of hair that vary in their degrees of roughness and tickness.

For centuries, natural products have been used in caring for our hair, in particular in more traditional cultures who live close to nature. In Polynesia, locals have used the extract from the bulb-like flower cluster of the ava puhi plant for thorough cleansing and conditioning of their hair.Being curious about the product, we tried it out on light-brown European hair, black African hair and mixed-race (half European, half African) hair. We can say that all types of hair were better hydrated, incredibly smooth and healthy-looking after just one wash. Ever since then we have all been advocates of this light shampoo and conditioner seen in the picture below. Please note the products isn’t sold in shops but can be ordered from me, and also that the prices are different in the UK market.



Pamper your skin & Plant a tree in Malawi

We all know the feeling when our skin gets very dry in particular during the colder winter months. It’s imperative to use a rich lotion during those months in order to avoid a very dry and itchy skin. However, some body lotions don’t do the trick, and some others are too rich and leave a layer of thick cream on the skin. We all want a body lotion that does the trick, but also leaves the skin nice and smooth – and dry!

Most of us also like to hydrate our skin with natural ingredients. One very effective hydrator for the skin is the baobab tree found in Africa. Locals across Africa have used the tree for making nourishing skin products. Shea butter is also known for its skin-healing and nourishing properties. These two ethnobotanicals promote smooth, supple skin that stays touchable and soft all day.

Having suffered from dry skin for my whole life, I finally discovered a body butter that combines all of the above and has kept my skin in top condition ever since then. No more dry skin, leaving me feel completely ease in my own skin – so to say!

body butter 1

And what’s more – for each tub of the body butter bought, the company plants a tree in Malawi. So – by using an amazing body butter on my skin, I am also helping Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world.

I strongly encourage you to give it a go and see it for yourself – and even if you don’t like the product, you can feel good about having planted a tree in Malawi. Do get in touch if you would like to try it – it is not sold in shops but we have access to it and can order it for you:


The Power of Plants for Your Baby

Any new parent wants the best possible life for their child. The first few years of our lives build the foundation for the years to follow. Similar to emotional development and physical strength, these early years can build the foundations to good health, starting from good nutrition, adequate sleep and good quality baby products.

The baby product industry has grown significantly over the past decade, primarily because the importance of good quality and toxin-free products has been highlighted. Organic baby products have become very popular and parents or carers are more aware of what products they should or shouldn’t apply on their child’s skin and hair, in particular since their skin and hair are still very delicate. But how do you choose the best product for your child?

WP_20160315_10_46_15_Pro WP_20160228_10_25_06_Pro

As a mother of a three-year-old mixed-race boy, I have tried out a lot of the products out there. For delicate skin and for a curly hair, it has been difficult to find suitable products. Some of them suit his skin but not his hair, or vice versa. Because of this, we had to buy separate shampoo and body wash for him, until I discovered an amazing combo that leaves his skin very smooth and his hair soft and clean. This shampoo-body wash is made of the hibiscus flower extract. The product is based on ancient wisdom, as parents in ingenious cultures have long used special flowers and plants to cleanse their babies. This amazing shampoo-body wash is based on an ancient recipe from Southeast Asia and Central America. And it really works – it helps to moisturise and maintain a healthy scalp while cleansing the skin and hair.

Moreover, the wash has been tested on extremely sensitive and eczema prone skin, and it has proven to do wonders for such problematic skin. Personally I have very dry skin in the winter, but with the help of this wash, my skin has been much better hydrated this winter.

If you would like to try this product out, do get in touch! It is not sold in the shops but we have access to the whole sellers and will be glad to help you.


Also, from every bottle of oil sold, we donate 10 percent to the Nourish the Children Foundation in Malawi that provides food and basic education to children and their families in Malawi. So, while helping your child (an perhaps yourself) feel great, you also help children in Malawi lead better lives.

Drop us a line at if you would like to order a bottle or two. From personal experience, we can say that one bottle lasts you for at least two months in daily use so it’s definitely value for money!

The Secrets of Essential Oils

The uses for essential oils are diverse. Made from plants, the oils have many beautiful qualities and have been used in oriental countries for centuries for their healing qualities. Essential oils are extracted from plant leaves, flowers, stems, roots or bark, making them ideal tools for using as a natural and healthy solution in a more potent form. Since essential oils are obtained from plants and contain volatile aromas, they possess characteristic odour. They are extracted from plants through steam distillation or expression (pressing the rinds).

In fact, essential oils carry the essence of the plants in such a potent form that a single drop of essential oil can equal multiple teaspoons of the dried herb. For example, 1 drop of peppermint oil equals more than 25 cups of peppermint tea. This is why they can be used or applied in a multitude of ways and in many combinations to bring powerful results. In addition to working on a physical level, the oils can cause very pleasurable sensory experiences within minutes because of their fragrances and restorative natures, making them impactful on our brain chemistry, emotional well-being, and spiritual wellness.

oils 1

It should be noted that the remarkable uses of essential oils can only be maximized when purity is involved. Since quality regulations are virtually non-existent, knowing where your oils come from and how they are created is crucial to ensuring safety and effectiveness. Also important is knowing how to use each oil properly. The oils that we work with, the Epoch Range, have been produced through tight quality controls at all stages of product development. In addition, the world’s leading ethnobotanists, Dr Paul Cox, has been involved in the process. He has studied the usage of botanicals by indigenous cultures and infuses this wisdom into our modern lifestyle.

Some uses for essential oils:

  • Mix a couple of drops in a body oil and apply to your skin;
  • Use as a diffuser and inhale the lovely aroma;
  • Add a few drops to your bath water;
  • Apply with your massage oils when having a massage; or
  • Add a few drops into play dough and let the kids feel the effects too.


We have a few different blends of oils o offer:

  • Epoch Harmony: Cinnamon Clove Blend- Powerful aromas, for a warm and cosy feeling;
  • Epoch Chill: Eucalyptus Pine Blend – A fresh camphor-like smell, for a feeling of easy breathing and a cooling sensation;
  • Epoch Sunshine: Citrus Mint Blend – This exotic essential oil blend makes you feel refreshed, for a perfect everyday start-up; and
  • Epoch Peace: Lavender Bergamot Blend – Gives you a feeling of peace, all what you need to regain your balance.

We also have single blends for peppermint, lavender and lemon.

oils 2

From every bottle of oil sold, we donate 10 percent to the Nourish the Children Foundation in Malawi that provides food and basic education to children and their families in Malawi. So, while feeling great when using the oils, you also help children in Malawi lead better lives. What’s not to like?

Drop us a line at if you would like to order a bottle or two. From personal experience, we can say that on bottle lasts you several months!




The Miracle of Mud & Its Skin Healing Properties



For thousands of years, people all over the world have believed in the healing powers of mud. Its cleansing and healing properties have been known to man for many years. It is anti-inflammatory, packed with minerals and moisterizes and smooths the skin.

Nowadays many of us prefer all natural products, perhaps products that are vegan and haven’t been tested on animals. And what is more natural than mud itself? Mineral mud masks are an easy and convenient way to treat your skin at home. They are the simpliest way to gain nutritional value for the skin by applying natural nutrients.

Mineral mud masks help to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove skin contaminants and torejuvenate damaged or troubled skin. It nurtures the skin with 25 beneficial minerals and trace elements, including zinc and sea botanicals.

In short, the benefits of nutritional mud masks are:

1. Exfoliation: Mud is naturally going to dry out once applied to the face and, once it’s scrubbed off, it’s not hard to see that the exfoliation is really happening. It leaves the skin on the face very smooth.

2. Moisturize: Mud is deeply moisturizing. It gets deep into the pores and provides just enough for the skin not to become oily.

3. Blemishes: It helps to keep blemishes away. Washing your face is going to help keep blemishes away but mud also helps to reduce redness.

Not only can mud masks be use don the facial, as it is most commonly done, they can also be used on other areas of the body, such as the neck and back that are hard to reach areas to keep clean.

Our mineral mud mask is great for any skin type – white, black, Asian, Oriental, mixed race-, but it also raises money for poor children in Malawi. From every tub of mud mask sold, we donate a percentage to the Nourish the Children Foundation in Malawi that provides food and basic education to children and their families in Malawi. So, while making your skin feel and look great, you also help children in Malawi lead better lives.

Why not give this miracle mud mask a try?  Even many celebs swear by a mineral mud mask as it keeps their skin smooth and clean. Drop us a line at if you would like to order a tub that contains 30 applications for £25, of which £5 will be donated to the foundation. Who can resist thee beautiful smiles?