BOOK REVIEWS:Marie Skilling – The Adventures of Benjamin Franklin

‘The Adventures of Benjamin Franklin’ is a novel aimed at children aged +5. The main character in the book, Benjamin, is desperate for adventure, but with few friends and strict parents it doesn’t seem possible. Since Benjamin is a child with fire in his heart, he decides it is time to find his own adventure. Heading out into the wild outdoors in search of new places, despite the horrid weather, he finds more than he ever expected. New characters spring into Benjamin’s life that he never thought that he would meet. When unexpected events threaten his safety, he is scooped up into an unimaginable world with stranger characters than before.

Marie Skilling, the London-based author who created Benjamin Franklin, was inspired to write Benjamin’s story on an adventure that took her miles away from her home, but which took place just around the corner from her parent’s home in Canada. Benjamin began his journey with Marie on a wintry day when hail fell from the sky and the winds nearly blew her away. Before Marie had a chance to see a willow tree, she ran home to stay warm and dry. It was there that she began to write Benjamin’s story. Benjamin’s tale is about his adventure into a world that is exciting and unusual. Strange goings on sweep him from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

In addition to Benjamin’s story, Marie has published books of poetry and writes a blog. For more information on her work and whereabouts, please see her excellent website:



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