Music classes for babies, young kids and their mothers in London

A colleague and friend of ours has recently started to run music classes for mothers, babies and young children in London.  Musigenius is based upon the latest research in the fields of developmental psychology and music education and aims to support the inherent musical talent of each child. Musical skills are starting to develop before birth and are universal and specific to all humans. The classes run in the N3 area of London and welcome anyone interested in finding out more.

The music classes are specially designed to nurture and develop the natural talent of each child from 4 months before birth to 5 years of age. In the process the classes help develop confident, happy, creative and really smart children. The proof is our students themselves. 

Music classes for expectant mothers facilitate the bond between expectant mothers and their yet-to-be born babies. Hearing is the first sense developed in babies and is fully functional from 17 weeks of gestation. The classes draw singing of lullabies, relaxing meditation and musical creativity. Musigenious Infants classes are for 0-1-year olds. During the classes children are engaged in live music, singing and sensory stimuli activities that encourage neurological, emotional and social functions. Musigenius Children is aimed for 3-5 year-olds and have been found to be thoroughly enjoyable.

For more information on the classes, please see:

You are also welcome to contact Maria at (and she will be very happy to hear from you):






The class is one hour of relaxing meditation, singing lullabies and musical creativity, all providing a very pleasant experience as well as equipping the expectant mum with some music skills she can use in these first stages of her baby’s life. It is aimed to expectant mums from the 20th week of pregnancy onwards.




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