As her name suggests, Danielle Steel is a woman made of steel. She has been writing fiction for decades and is showing no signs to stop any time soon. She has written dozens of books that have been read world-wide and has a wide readership in her native America, as well as in Europe. She is known for her enticing writing style and stories that warm everyone’s hearts.

The first time I read Steel’s stories, I was a teenager still living in Finland and looking for English novels to brush up my language skills. Within weeks, I had read most of her novels. They were the perfect way to entertain myself and to build up my vocabulary in English. Once I went to university and got into the working world, I heard about her new books but never got around reading them. Until this year when I had a chance to read her latest book – and now I am hooked again!

I thoroughly recommend the books to anyone during this Festive season – if not for anything else, at least for getting you into the festive spirit while reading stories of love, life and gratitude:




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