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Buna School of Music and Educational Consultancy

The Buna School of Music and Educational Consultancy in Kampala, Uganda, has had an excellent first term. Dozens of students have enjoyed learning music at the school, and research and secretarial services have been provided to university students and lecturers. S far, guitar and keyboard lessons have proven popular, with the New Year being kicked off with added drum and singing lessons.

The school is open for anyone willing to learn to play an instrument, with your country manager being able to assist you with your requests at Photocopying, printing, research and tutoring services are on-going. Teacher training services will commence in the new year.

All staff wish all students, clients and supporters a warm and wonderful holiday season!


Buna Music School and Educational Consultancy

The Buna School of Music and Educational Consultancy is a few music academy and consultancy service based in Kampala, Uganda. It was founded in September 2015 by myself (Dr Tiija Rinta)  with a dedicated team of teaching professionals based locally in Kampala.

Within a couple of months, the school has expanded from offering instrumental and singing lessons, as well as music theory, to also offering educational consultancy services. These services include (but are not confined to) academic tutoring and research services, teacher training, printing an binding of school books, photocopy and printing services for students. The school is conveniently located near the main university in Kampala as well as to several local schools.

At the moment, there are dozens of students enrolled at the school with services for university students having become popular. Students are welcome to come and learn how to play the acoustic guitar, piano and keyboard, or traditional African drum. Singing and music theory lessons are also proving to be popular choices and teachers from local school are coming in to get ideas for teaching music at their schools.

We are delighted with what we have managed to achieve in just a couple of months and we look forward to seeing the school and the consultancy grow. Please join our facebook group to follow updates on the progress – all of your support is invaluable to us.

Please keep in touch with the school and consultancy on our Facebook page:

Official website:





As her name suggests, Danielle Steel is a woman made of steel. She has been writing fiction for decades and is showing no signs to stop any time soon. She has written dozens of books that have been read world-wide and has a wide readership in her native America, as well as in Europe. She is known for her enticing writing style and stories that warm everyone’s hearts.

The first time I read Steel’s stories, I was a teenager still living in Finland and looking for English novels to brush up my language skills. Within weeks, I had read most of her novels. They were the perfect way to entertain myself and to build up my vocabulary in English. Once I went to university and got into the working world, I heard about her new books but never got around reading them. Until this year when I had a chance to read her latest book – and now I am hooked again!

I thoroughly recommend the books to anyone during this Festive season – if not for anything else, at least for getting you into the festive spirit while reading stories of love, life and gratitude:



BOOK REVIEWS: The Shaman in Stilettos by Anna Hunt

One of the funniest books that I ever read is ‘The Shaman in Stilettos’ by Anna Hunt. I read the book three Christmases ago and, even now thinking about it, I find myself smiling. The book is Anna’s autobiography about her travels to Peru in Central America and about how it changed her outlook on life.Anna describes her spiritual journey in a hilarious way, with each little story in the book being detailed with a sense of humour yet clarity about the journey.

Although the book is essentially about values and spiritual aspects of life, it is also a travel memoir and so would be a delightful read for fellow travelers.

Here is the official introduction to the book:

‘Anna Hunt’s inspirational memoir charts her journey from Cambridge graduate and celebrity interviewer for one of the highest selling newspapers in Britain, to the untouched wilderness of the Peruvian rainforest where she spent months drinking one of the most potent hallucinogens known to man, to apprentice to a disarmingly handsome and charismatic Peruvian shaman. & back again. Today she is a London-based shaman working with an international portfolio of private and corporate clients.’

For more information on Anna’s work, see her website: