At first glimpse, you might think that Jane Green is just another romantic novel writer, but in fact all of her books deal with life’s challenges. There is a book centring around breast cancer and the importance of friendship during one’s final yeas on this earth; there is a book about alcoholism and how this addiction is still often not seen as an illness; there is themes around divorce, having new-born babies change your life, and tales about sisterhood and family ties. Most important of all though, all books emphasise the crucial element of friendship and companionship with fellow humans in our daily lives.

Jane Green is an American writer based in Connecticut, but many of her books take place in London and Nantucket – these having been important to her in her own life. She primarily writes about women and issues close to them, but in each book, there is always a male character to give a man’s perspective on the goings-on. She has a compelling writing style, and even the most serious of issues are dealt with humour and a gentle approach that leaves the reader thinking that they are part of the story.

One reason for the stories to feel so real to the reader is that, in her writing, Jane Green draws on her own experiences.  She is a cancer survivor who lives with an untreatable disease; she has lived in all the cities and towns that she writes about; she has been through divorce; she is a career woman involved in writing for magazines and newspapers to radio presenting and TV appearances. She has a blended family with many kids, a husband and pets. She is also a yoga practitioner and believes in gratitude and focussing on the good in life as a secret to happiness.

I have read several of Green’s novels(if not all… I am not sure!). My favourite one is called ‘The Beach House’. While reading this book, I could imagine myself walking on the white sandy beach of Nantucket and watching the ocean waves hit the shore. If you feel like being transported to a place where you can truly relax, try reading the book and see the effects:

Green’s latest book ‘Summer Secrets’ is an apt story of a young woman who suffers from alcoholism. The story unravels in a way that explains alcoholism in a professional way, yet keeps it light with a sense of humour. A must read for anyone who is dealing with the illness:

One of the funniest books by Green that I read was ‘Babyville’. Perhaps because I had a new-born son at the time, I couldn’t help but relate to the stories about the women with young babies and how they coped with life once a tiny person had completely changed it:

Jane Green also regularly writes on her blog and you can find snippets of her writing on her website:







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