BOOK REVIEWS: Carol Matthews

I discovered Carol Matthews novels a few years ago when I was looking for something light to read for those rare occasions when my new-born baby was sleeping.  The attractive and colourful covers of the books initially made me pick up one of her books at the library. After flicking thorough a few pages, I thought that it might be just what I was looking for, and I was right.

Matthew’s writing style is captivating and she has such a hilarious sense of humour that, most of the time when you are reading, you can’t help it but smile. She write about everyday common people who live in the UK and their daily lives. You can easily identify with the characters and imagine that they are your neighbour or your friend. Often when you come to the end of the book, you feel like you need to say goodbye to a friend and wish that Matthews will write a sequel so that you know what your friends will be up to next. Luckily she often does write about the same characters, which is one reason for wanting to grab the next book as soon as you have finished the first one. Two new novels come out each year – one in time for Christmas and the other in time for summer holidays. In addition, you can follow all news on books on the writer’s website:

My favourite on of her books by far is ‘The Only Way Is Up’. I was actually laughing out loud through most of the book. What better way to completely relax and forget about the world around you than to loose yourself in such a hilarious book? The books is essentially about a well-off couple who lose everything they have and find themselves living in a rough part of town after having lost all they have. It’s about understanding what truly matters in life and how you can find the most loyal friendship in the most unexpected places. It’s about survival and the fundamental kindness of the human spirit. For anyone interested in reading a heart-warming story about friendship and values, I totally recommend this book:

My other favourite is the first novel that I read by Matthews and that had be hooked into her books. This one is called ‘Wrapped Up In You’ and it is about a love story between a young English lady and a Maasai warrior man from Kenya. As you can imagine, it is a fun-filled and beautiful story about cultural clashes, an English woman living in the Kenyan wilderness, a Maasai warrior guarding a tiny English village and about how love can conquer all fears and worries. Anyone with a flair for the exotic, check the book out:

If you are in a more festive mood, the latest book ‘The Chocolate Lovers’ Christmas’ is out now and will no doubt keep you entertained over your holidays.


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