‘Oh, you work here now!’ Sheila was delighted to see Ted at the reception desk of the retreat centre when she pop by to do some tarot card reading for some of the retreatees.

‘Yes, I have been working here for a few weeks now’, Ted smiled at her. He liked being with Sheila. Something about her made him feel completely at ease. ‘I like this peaceful atmosphere here. What about you? How come you are here today?’

Sheila lent on the desk and spread out her tarot cards on top of it. ‘I’ve come to do some readings for the residents. Since I last saw you, I have been doing readings in different places.’

‘That’s great’, Ted relaxed against the desk and looked at the cards. ‘When I last saw you, you were not sure where to go and what to do, apart from volunteering in places. It’s good to see that you found a way to help others through your readings.’

‘Why don’t I do a reading for you now?’ Sheila winked at her. ‘Is there anything that you would like to know more about?’

‘Oh plenty of things’, Ted laughed. ‘But how about you start with where I should be heading next after this retreat place?’

‘Okay, let’s do it’, Sheila said and started shuffling the cards. They were both so absorbed in the task of looking at the cards that Ted picked from the pack that they didn’t notice Laura walking into the reception hall. Sheila had leant over the counter and was explaining the meaning of the cards to Ted, their heads nearly touching, when Laura spotted them on the desk and stopped on her tracks. She stepped into the shadow of a big plant and observed them from there.

How come Ted looked so happy and relaxed with Sheila? They seemed very close. Were they closed than what Laura was aware of? And why did she feel jealous all of a sudden? It wasn’t like Ted owed her anything.

Laura turned on her heels and tiptoed back out through the back door, without Ted nor Sheila having noticed her.


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