Despite taking part in all the retreat activities and spending a lot of time with Ted, Laura felt it important to have some time just for herself every day. After all, that was the whole point of this trip – to recharge her batteries and to gain perspective in her own life.

Laura had fallen into a habit of going for a walk on the nearby mountain before lunchtime. She felt that the greenery and the gentle singing of the birds helped her to let go off any worries and unsettling thoughts. This late morning when Laura was walking up the mountain, her thoughts drifted back to Darky. How assuming they had been, Laura thought as she stopped at a landing to admire the view over Taipei. She wanted to imprint these memories in her brain so that she would always be able to see Taipei when she closed her eyes in London.

Laura couldn’t help but think that they had been pre-judgmental about Darky. If anything, the lessons learnt from all this was not to judge others based on partial knowledge. If we don’t know the whole story, we shouldn’t draw conclusions. Laura smiled to herself as she started walking down the mountain. She only hoped that Darky wouldn’t prove her wrong on this one.


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