Laura didn’t see much of Annie for nearly a week. Annie seemed to be spending all her free time with Darky. She even seemed to be skipping some yoga and meditation sessions in order to be with him. This was a new side to Annie that Laura hadn’t been aware of before. Even at university, Annie had always been sensible, never letting any guy come on her way and her studies.

‘He is just so intriguing’, Annie told Laura. The two girls were having breakfast together on a Sunday morning, admiring the view of the mountains. ‘He has so many interesting stories to tell. He is laidback. He listens to me. We have a laugh together.’

‘Yes, he is charming in his own way’, Laura admitted as she sipped her tea. ‘But just be a little bit careful with him. He might no be all he seems to be. He does have a bit of a mysterious side to him.’

‘But that’s part of his charm’, Annie laughed nervously. ‘If he wasn’t mysterious, he wouldn’t be nearly as intriguing.’

Laura thought of Darky’s confessions to her. ‘Just be a little bit cautious. That’s  all I’m saying.’

The two girls sipped their teas in companionable silence. How life could change in a short period of time, Laura thought, as she looked at the content smile on Annie’s face.


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