Ted tiptoed along the corridor to Laura’s room. He peeked through the letter box in the front door.

‘Laura’, he whispered and knocked softly on the door. ‘Laura, are you awake?’

After a while, Ted heard Laura’s footsteps, and then she opened the door with a sleepy look in her eyes.

‘I saw Darky creep in through the back door with two rough looking guys’, Ted explained. ‘I thought that we should go and find them and see what they are up to.’

All of a sudden Laura was fully awake.

‘Let me just pull a jumper on and we can go,’ she said as she disappeared back into her bedroom. Soon they were walking quietly but fast down the corridor. Ted gave Laura’s hand a squeeze. Laura felt a flutter in her stomach. Somehow this adventure had a romantic feel to it.

They walked through the reception area and followed the corridor connecting the back door to the main building. Soon enough they heard talk and laughter coming from behind a closed door.

Ted looked at Laura. ‘I’ll go and have a look. Wait here’, he whispered to her. Clutching his mobile phone and torch tight in one hand, he tiptoed to the door and pushed it slightly open. He could see the three men sitting comfortably on cushions on the floor, drinking beer and laughing loudly. They seemed to be having a good time.

Ted motioned to Laura with his hand to come closer. As she did, Ted pushed the door completely open. The three men turned to look at them in surprise.

‘What are you guys doing here in the middle of the night?’ Ted asked them in a friendly tone, although his heart was beating wildly.

The men were quiet for a moment. Then Darky spoke. ‘Well, I might as well come clean’.’ He glanced at Laura briefly before looking at the guys sitting next to him and then back at Ted. ‘These two are my friends who are homeless at the moment. They don’t have anywhere to go or anywhere to be. I found them on the street one night and invited them to come here for some shelter as that night it was raining. Well, then it became a bit of a habit and they have been coming here often. But we haven’t disturbed anyone and also we have been going to a shelter for the homeless where I have also been volunteering.’ He looked slightly uncomfortable and embarrassed. ‘If you want, we can leave now’, he added and the two men nodded their agreement.

Both Laura and Ted were stunned to silence. Darky was doing something nice for others and they had been thinking he was up to no good. Really? Was this really the case?


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