Laura walked slowly and quietly through the entrance hall of the concert venue in the centre of Taipei. It was a magnificent old building and there was no doubt that its presence itself made the audience feel at awe. Its old pillars and striking staircases with red carpets could make anyone feel like they had entered a magical place.

Laura immediately felt at peace. She couldn’t wait for the local youth orchestra to perform their repertoire of Mozart to them. Darky had made a good choice, she though, as she looked for her seat in the audience. The young musicians were getting ready, finding their own seats on stage. There was something special about listening to live music performances, in particular in this type of place, Laura thought. She felt sure that she had made the right decision to go back to working with music.

‘Well, hello, hello’, Laura looked up to see Darky standing next to their seats with a big grin on his face.

‘What, did you think that I wouldn’t turn up?’ Laura smiled at him.

‘You never know with women, such changeable creatures’, Darky laughed as he sat down next to Laura.

As soon as the orchestra started playing, Laura was fully absorbed in the beautiful melodies radiating from the stage. There was something mesmerizing about the string section of the orchestra in particular and, as she closed her eyes, Laura felt like she was transported to another place, another planet, where she could forget about everything and everyone. She let the sweet music wash over her, piece after piece, until the orchestra stopped playing and the audience was expressing their appreciation by clapping enthusiastically.

Laura took a sneaky peak at Darky. He also seemed to be some place else, the expression on his face absent and distant. Laura felt her cheeks flush. She felt a weird and unexplainable attraction to this strange man. What was it about him? Was it the mysterious feeling that he created that made her feel intrigued? Was it his handsome demeanour? She couldn’t quite explain it to herself, nor understand why she wanted anything to do with him at all. If you thought about it rationally, he was bad news all over. But there was something about him.


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