Since the charity ball night, Laura hadn’t seen Darky. She had paid special attention in order to catch him at some point, but it seemed that he was purposefully moving around at times when he knew that the others were in a yoga class or mediation sessions. It felt that he wanted to avoid talking to anyone. This raised Laura’s suspicions further and made her wonder what Darky was truly up to.

‘Why don’t you google him and see what you can find out?’ Annie suggests one evening, a couple of weeks after the charity ball, when the girls were in Laura’s room relaxing after a yoga class. ‘That’s what everyone does nowadays. It’s the easiest way to find out anything about anyone.’

‘You are right’, Laura says lazily from the sofa. ‘Why didn’t I think of doing that before?’

Laura took out her laptop and connected it to the internet. Apart from finding out what Darky was up to, she had been thinking about Ted a lot since the charity ball. It would have been nice to spend some more time with him, Laura thought as she typed ‘Darky the musician’ into google.

Hundreds of pages came up for the search. Laura clicked on the first page that came up. It told her that Darky had been in a world-famous rock band in the 80s. Apparently the group had dozens of number one hits and toured the world on many occasions. They were known for their rock and roll lifestyle too, always being seen in different parties. Laura shook her head. How come she hadn’t known? She must have been too young in the 80s to pay much attention to famous rock groups back then.

‘What are you finding out?‘ Annie asked after a while when Laura’s frown turned into a smile.

‘He was the lead singer and guitarist of a world famous music group called Dark Stars. Apparently they had number one hits in every single country on this planet and repeatedly toured the world while enjoying the excessive lifestyle that comes with it.’

‘Wow, that’s something!‘ Annie laughed. ‘I think I have heard some of their music. I would describe it more as heavy metal than rock and roll though.’

Laura typed in ‘Dark Stars’ into Youtube and, indeed, heavy metal music filled the room. Laura could just about recognise Darky in this black suit and dark sun glasses on stage. He was passionately playing his guitar and singing from the top of his lungs. He looked completely different to the quiet passive man that she had met here in Taiwan.

‘I bet he would have a lot of interesting stories to tell us’, Annie yawned as she kicked of the shoes and lay down on the soft persian rug in the middle of the room. ‘Imagine all that traveling! It must have been exhausting but also fascinating.’


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