‘This one is a blue azizuli’, the man said in a soft voice. Ted looked intently at the mesmerizing deep blue colour that caused pools of water to form in his eyes. He had come to the famous jade market in Taipei. The market was like any other such a place, but here all the tables were filled with different types of crystals. Silver, blue, lilac, white… Each table was crammed with such riches, it almost hurt one’s eyes to look. Some tables were specifically for the amethist, some for jade and some others were a mix of all kinds of precious stones.

As soon as Ted walked into the market, he could feel an ooz of energy radiating at him. It was amazing how the stones seemed to give out so much energy. Now, after staying here for more than half an hour, Ted felt dizzy.

Ted held the blue stone in his hand.

‘I can really feel these stones’, he said quietly. It felt as if his hand was trembling under the stone.

The middle-aged man with a woolly hat nodded knowingly.

‘Each and every precious stone has it own energy. They really are quite something and really can help humans with so many things. There are stories from how crystals have bought man wisdom from the ancient times. They have been used for curing physical, psychological and spiritual problems for years and years….‘

The man drifted away with a distant look in his eye as he reached for a rose quartz.

‘These stones have such power that we can’t imagine. That’s why everyone should surround themselves with the stones at home and even carry them around with them. Look, see these beautiful necklaces and bracelets made with the stones. Aren’t they beautiful? And can be so beneficial too, so why not wear them?‘

The man pointed to a pile of rings, bracelets and necklaces on his table.

Ted took a couple of rings and swirled them around on his hand.

‘How come they have so much energy in them?’

The man smoothed one of the crystals with his finger.

‘They are taken from deep within mother earth. They have accumulated the energy from their mother and have stored it in their tiny cells. Somehow their consistency stores the cosmic energy from around us and then they can transmit this energy to us when we are near them.‘

The man handed the rose quartz to Ted.

‘Each one’s energy resonates with a different energy centre in our body. This one resonates with the heart chakra. Can you feel anything in your chest area when you hold this close to you?’

Ted lifted the stone close to his chest and closed his eyes. It felt as if the sun was very close to him. He could feel an expanding warmth close to his heart. He nodded slowly.

‘I can feel a very warm feeling taking over my chest,‘ he told the man as he opened his eyes.

The man smiled. ‘That is the energy from the crystal penetrating your heart chakra. You can use it in this way to open your heart and to feel love and compassion for all.‘

Ted looked at the light pink colour. It really did remind him of the real rose flowers.

‘I have read something about chakras before, but I cannot remember so well any more… There are seven chakras in our bodies, right?’

‘That is right’, the man started to explain. ‘There is one here in the lower abdomen, here in the stomach, here a little higher up the spine, the heart one, the throat, forehead and finally the crown. Each one is dominated by a different colour and holds different energy in it. And that is why specific crystals are suitable for specific chakras, as their energy resonates with them and they can aid the processes and workings of these chakras. Because of our way of living, we can easily get disturbances in our chakras. The chakras are connected to our bodies and minds, so when any of these elements are out of balance, the chakra can be affected and then our general well-being will be off balance too. It is all about the holistic whole. Likewise, we can use crystals and chakra balancing to treat physiological and mental disturbances. The energy in these centres can counter-act any illnesses and thus help us in our own life.‘

Ted looked at the small stones on the table. How could these tiny things hold so much power in them?

The man could sense his thoughts. He looked at Ted intently.

‘Yes, they do. They really do have such amazing powers. The universe and the nature around us are quite magnificent.’

Two hours later Ted left the market with a small bag filled with different types of crystals. There couldn’t be any harm in trying them at home and surrounding himself with them. The stones had a feeling of being alive, as if they had a life of their own.

As Ted was walking along the streets, he started noticing crystals everywhere. The precious stones were used for making furniture, plant holders, home decorations, even the door frames… Some of the window sills were made with precious stones. Ted looked closely at the environment that he was in in Taipei. It was true; there were precious stones everywhere. He had just not paid attention to them before.

Ted jumped over a footstep and sat down in a small park. The sun was very high and hot today. Women were walking past with umbrellas to protect themselves against the rays of the sun. Men were walking lazily with their summer hats on. Everyone seemed to be on their way somewhere.

There were some Westerners and South Asians walking past amongst the Oriental folk. Taipei was becoming more mixed and starting to resemble a cosmopolitan city. Taiwan must have been marketing itself more vigorously abroad. In particular Americans and Canadians seemed to come here for teaching English and for holidays.

‘Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?’ Ted heard a voice in an American accent. He looked up and saw a young blond man standing next to him, pointing at the empty end of the bench that Ted was sitting on.

‘Sure, go ahead’, Ted said and shuffled along the bench to give the newcomer more space.

‘Oh boy, what a hot day!’ The boy said and wiped sweat off his forehead. ‘I have been here for two weeks, but this is without doubt the hottest day so far.’

Ted took a water bottle from his bag and offered it to the boy.

‘Better keep hydrated or you’ll faint’, he said and watched as the boy gratefully drank the water.

‘Are you here on holiday?‘ Ted asked as the boy thanked him for the water.

‘I am here to teach English for the summer. I live in Toronto, but wanted to do something different this summer. How about you?’

‘Oh, I am just volunteering and helping out at a monastery and a couple of schools here and there’, Ted explained. ‘ I also needed a change and figured that Taiwan would be the ideal place for that.‘

The boy nodded. ‘This place is quite something. People are drawn to it. It is smaller and more human than the vast state of the mainland China.‘

They sat in silence for a while, watching people walk past, feeling the heat of the sun.

‘This place seems to be much more spiritual than some other Oriental countries that I have been to,‘ the boy then said. ‘All the temples, crystals and connection to nature….‘

Ted took a precious stone out of his bag and placed it between them on the bench.

‘Yeah, I have been discovering the effects of crystals today. They are quite amazing stones. I am learning a lot about spirituality here, about our real existence. In the West, we have sort of lost touch with this side of ourselves….‘

The boy nodded. ‘I guess that that is one of the main reasons for why we are drawn to this place. So that we can return to our true natures and be truly who we are.‘

Ted took out another stone from his bag, The amethyst sparkled when the sunshine hit it. He was mesmerized by it. He felt that he could sit there forever looking at the stone and absorbing its colour and energy.

‘This is fascinating’, Ted said to the boy. ‘I have never been this drawn to a stone before.’

‘It is an amethyst. It must be your birth stone’,the boy said wisely. ‘I have just been reading about birth stones.’

‘Oh, that is interesting’, Ted was intrigued. ‘Can you tell me more about it?’

‘Each month and time of the year is associated with a different stone. Whenever you were born, the stone that is dominant at that time is your birth stone. It is all to do with the cosmic energy and how different precious gems absorb energy at different times of the year. Let me guess, you were born in February?‘ The boy looked at Ted questioningly.

‘Yes!’ Ted smiled.

The boy nodded knowingly. ‘The amethyst is the birth stone for Aquarians. And you do look like an Aquarian. You can use this stone in particular for balancing your energy, for healing yourself, or just for company.’

‘That is interesting’, Ted repeated. ‘Can you tell me more about my Aquarian roots?’ He was quite interested to know what the boy had to say.

‘Well, I could do a hand reading for you’, the boy offered. ‘I have been learning about how to do that too while I have been here.’

‘Sure, why not?’ Ted showed his left palm and the boy looked at the lines on Ted’s hand intently.

‘I can see that you are a man with a lot of ambition and determination. You want to make something of yourself. And you will. You will do many good things in this life, help many people and make a name for yourself. But you will also marry once and have two children. You have a soulmate out there and also other spiritual friends and guides who will soon come your way. You will live a long happy life.’

The boy looked up at Ted with an expression of satisfaction on his face. ‘You are one of the first people who I have done a reading for.’

‘Well, we’ll see with time how accurate you were.’ They both laughed.

‘All I can really say though is just trust yourself and do what you feel that you need to do. It will all work out for itself. Trust the way, the life force and let it unroll, at least that is my belief’, the boy concluded.

‘I couldn’t agree with you more’, Ted nodded thoughtfully.


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