‘So the  she told me that I would have a wild romance with a dark handsome musician’, Annie laughed. ‘As if. The whole thing turned out pretty funny in the end.’

Laura nodded. They were having dinner at the dining hall and sharing their experiences with the psychic Sheila.

‘Well, you could see Darky again, you never know’, Laura said. They had only seen Darky a couple of times and he was still slightly illusive to Annie.

Somehow Laura also felt that she didn’t want to mention her romance prediction to Annie. She felt that talking about it might jinx the whole thing. She would rather wait and see if anything would really happen. She was not entirely sure yet that she trusted what the psychic had said.

‘Yes, but also interesting’ Laura said as she bit into a piece of tofu. ‘At least now we know that we only need to talk to the Masters if we want to know our future.’

They both laughed at that.


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