‘Too bad you missed the best bit’, Annie said dreamily. Laura and her were sitting on their balcony, overlooking the mountains and sipping iced green tea. Apparently the group had climbed up the mountain all the way to the top where there was a small ancient village with small huts and handicrafts for sale. The view had also been magnificent.

But Laura wasn’t feeling bad about having missed it. She felt that there was a closeness between herself and Darky now, after he had confided in her and they had found their way back to the retreat centre together. She felt that she understood him better now and that she wanted to get to know him more and to support him.

‘Well, we did also have an interesting hike in the end’, Laura said as she closed her eyes. She hadn’t seen Darky much since that day, but at least now she understood why he kept to himself so much.

‘We are having more of a New Age Day today’, Annied laughed. ‘There is a psychic lady coming to do some tarot card reading and palm reading for us.’

Laura wasn’t sure how she felt about that. To her, yoga was a means to cope with her daily life, but she didn’t  buy into all this New Age stuff.

‘I guess we might as well give it a go and see what she says’, Laura shrugged. ‘No harm done.’

‘Yep, and you never know what she might tell you. It might change you life’, Annie teased her as they both sank deeper into a state of sleep, eyes closed, and the sun shining on their faces.


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