The following morning Ted found himself preparing his lessons from a different perspective. He felt like including more creative activities in the lessons. Why not learn English through drawing the words out? Or maths through singing the sums? Why not have the kids dance around for a while in between different subject lessons? This would cultivate their creative and artistic side and also help their minds and bodies to stay more healthy.

Ted thought about himself as a child. He tired to imagine how it would have been if he was never let to do anything else than school work. Most likely him and his friends would have gone mad. But then again, humans could get used to anything. If you knew no different, how could you complain.

From then on, Mister Choo could see Ted dancing around with the kids during their break time; he would hear beautifully sung calculations and words in French; he would see drawings of plants being glued to the outside wall of the monastery. Mister Choo smiled. He had never seen the children so happy and alive. They had always loved learning, but they seemed to love it all the more now that Ted was doing it with them in a different way.


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