‘Ah, this hut must belong to the ingenious people who live up on the mountain’, Darky explained. ‘There is still a population up here who live in these huts and survive on hunting. She must have come back to take shelter from the rain. Too bad she ran away. She could have sat here with us.’

‘Oh I didn’t realise that there is some mountain people living up here still’, Laura said in a surprised tone. Was she slurring slightly? Why was she all of a sudden feeling so tired. ‘Feeling tired after all your exercise?‘

Darky smiled. He had picked up on her slurring too then. ‘Why don’t you lie down on the bench for a while and take a proper nap while we wait for the rain to clear? I’ll watch out for us in case any other people or animals try to come for us.’ He laughed at his own poor joke.

‘I am fine sitting here’, Laura said. She didn’t want to fall asleep when she was alone with Darky. He was too unnerving for that. ‘I might just close my eyes for a few minutes.’

It felt like Laura’s head was swimming in a dark sea. She could see different colour shapes forming in the darkness when her eyes were closed. Could this all really be just because of tiredness? Was she coming down with fever? That was the only reason why sometimes she could see colourful shapes like that.

‘What is it in this mountain air that is making me so drowsy?’ Laura voiced her concerns to Darky.


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