After a few minutes of climbing up the mountain, Laura shouted after Darky. ‘Wouldn’t it be wiser to turn around and follow the path back down to where we started?’

‘Nah, let’s have a bit of an adventure’, Darky turned around and winked at her.

With an uneasy feeling, they continued climbing further up the mountain. Laura couldn’t shake the unsettled feeling away from her stomach. What was it about Darky that made her feel this way? She had no idea.

‘I can’t really see any fresh foot prints on this soil’, Laura said after a while. To her, the path looked like no one had walked on it for a very long time.

‘With this tropical soil, who knows’, Darky quipped back.

They continued on their track in silence. The slope got steeper as they went along and the soil was somewhat slippery, which made Laura need to concentrate hard on her steps and to keep her eyes on the ground. They must have walked this way for another five minutes, but to Laura it felt like an hour. The height of these mountains was no joke.

After another while, Darky stopped in front of Laura. She looked up and noticed that they had reached a landing of sorts. There were no other people there though; all she could see was a hut made of wooden branches.


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