Laura stopped for a moment and tried to see if she could spot anyone on either track. But she couldn’t.

What to do? As Laura stood there, looking at the lanes, she heard footsteps behind her.

‘Got lost?’ Laura turned around and saw the familiar tall figure of Darky climbing up towards her.

‘What is he doing here?” Laura thought, but nevertheless gave a small smile to Darky. ‘Didn’t know you were here too.’

Darky laughed at that. ‘I was following the group a few feet behind. I fancied some time just for myself without having to talk to anyone.’

As if. He had hardly taken part in many activities during the retreat.

‘Do you know the route? Any ideas which way they might have gone?’ Laura asked him instead of voicing her opinion. ‘I stayed behind to take in the beauty of the scenery and now I have no idea which path they may have taken.’

‘Your guess is as good as mine’, Darky looked at both paths. ‘Shall we through a coin? This good be a nice adventure.’ He gave Laura whithering look. Was he flirting with her? Laura felt the now familiar unsettled feeling in her stomach.

‘I guess that is the only way to decide’, she shrugged. ‘We might as well make the most of this adventure.’

Darky took a coin from his pocket and flipped it in the air.

‘Tails, we’ll take the left path. Heads, we’ll take the right one.‘ He caught the coin and smacked it on his palm. Heads it is.’

He started striding along the pathway that looked steep and seemed to form a zig zag shape. Laura was doubtful that the others had gone this way. The other path looked less steep. But she started following Darky as she had no idea what else to do. At least this way she wouldn’t be completely on her own.


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