Sheila’s laughter and smile haunted Ted as he watched Hong Kong disappear in the mist beneath the airplane. The glimmer of the sea and the green mountains seemed to tell their own stories. Would Taiwan have different stories to tell him?

The airport certainly had new stories to tell. When Ted was waiting for his luggage at the arrivals hall, a guard dog came towards him, wagging his tail happily. The dog was panting as if he had found a treasure and was sniffing Ted’s bag. The dog ran from one side of Ted to the other.

‘Excuse me , Sir’, a smily youngish lady approached him. She seemed to be one of the guards at the airport. It was so misleading since Oriental people always looked much younger than what they actually were. ‘Can I check your bag, please?‘ She asked.

Ted nodded. ‘Sure, though there shouldn’t be anything of alarm in the bag.’

The lady searched the bag. ‘Have you had food in the bag recently?‘

Ted tried to remember. ‘Yes, I think I had a sandwich, which I ate at the airport in London.’

The lady nodded. ‘It could be that that the dog is smelling.’

‘Okay’, Ted said. The lady continued looking into the bag and pulled out an old teddy bear.

‘This is yours?’ She asked and held out the bear. All of Ted’s fellow passengers around him looked at their direction and the scene seemed to amuse them.

‘Yes, it is mine.’ Ted blushed for the second time during that day. Why was he so embarrassed about everything all of a sudden?

The lady smiled, put the bear back in his bag and handed it to him.‘ All good’, she simply said and walked away with the dog that was still panting happily.

Ted held his bag close to him. The bear had been a present from his farther, and most likely the only present that he ever got from him,  when he was only two years old. The bear went everywhere with him. It had travelled to most European countries, many South and Central American countries and now to Asia. It had probably travelled more than many of his human friends. But the bear was so dear to him that Ted was willing to take all the mockery in the world to let the bear carry on traveling with him.


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