The humidity hit him in the face as he stepped out of the aircraft. Ted felt sweat starting to tickle his neck. Oh boy, it was true what they said about it being much more humid in Asia than in Europe, he thought as he walked across the airport lounge. The heat in Africa that he had experience was nothing compared to this. Somehow humidity made all the difference. The twelve hour long flight from London to Hong Kong did not help his energy levels either. He could feel how his skin and hair were dry and he was desperate for some water.
Ted stopped at the restroom before proceeding to the gate for his connecting flight to Taipei. Splashing his face with cool water and drinking some from the water fountain next to the restroom made him feel more alive. In any case this is part of the experience, he mumbled to himself as he looked for the correct gate number.

The Hong Kong airport was a very busy place. So many people had their stop-over flights here, on their way somewhere else. Ted sat down on the ground by his gate and watched people walking by. Swirls and swirls of people.
Ted was staring at the floor when he noticed a silver coin rolling towards him. He picked it up; it was a silver coin from Morocco. As he was staring at it, he felt a shadow above him.
‘Hey, that’s my coin. Thanks for picking it up’, Ted heard a female voice say and then saw a light brown hand reach out for the coin.
Ted looked up. The woman talking seemed to be in her thirties, perhaps early fourties. She had a wide smile with white pearly teeth, her black hair making a frame around her pretty face. She was dressed in a clourful floaty dress that framed her beautifully.
‘Oh, okay, there you go then’, Ted mumbled and handed the coin to the woman. ‘You are coming from Morocco?’ He asked and blushed. Why was he acting so weird? Why did this woman make him feel that he should be saying something to her? Why did she make him feel as if she could see right through him?


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