‘Are you serious? Aren’t you scared of what to do when you come back from Taiwan?’ Elianor looked at Laura under her arm while they were both stretching on their yoga mats after a hot power yoga class. Elianor’s long blonde hair fell on her purple yoga mat making pretty shapes.
‘This is a brave move, Laura! Particularly in these awful economic times.’
Laura pulled herself up to sitting.
‘I know. But I also know that I have to do it. Now. If I don’t do it now, I will forever be stuck in this awful system that is draining me and making me unwilling to live.’
Elianor smiled at her and started rolling up her yoga mat. ‘It is brave, Laura. I admire you for that.’
Laura had found it surprisingly easy to get her life sorted out. After deciding on which yoga retreat to attend, she had found a new tenant for her flat, packed up all her belongings and put them in a storage, learnt and read about Taiwan and the location of the yoga retreat, smiled and smiled, and smiled some more.
The hardest part had been having to talk to people and tell them what she was planning on doing. It seemed that everyone was in disbelief that she actually dared to do this. Everyone seemed to think that she was out of her mind to make such a big decision and change in her life.
How would she manage? What would she do after? Would she come back?
Talking to people had indeed been the hardest part; trying to convince people that she needed to do this. Why were people so concerned for her? After all, she had travelled extensively throughout her life; she had even moved to a new country on her own at the tender age of 18 and studied at a university in a foreign language.
If she felt that she could do this, she could take this leap of faith, why did she need to prove anything to anyone? Deep down, she had a feeling that most people would have loved to do it themselves, but they were too scared to do anything new with their lives.
Everyone seemed so stuck in their ways and thinking that they needed everything that they had in their lives in order to survive. But if you never tried anything else, how could you be sure? Laura felt that this was her chance to show others that anything was possible; you just needed to believe in yourself.
‘I’m sure going to miss this place’, Laura said as the girls sat down on some cushions and sipped the herbal tea that was on offer for all yoga students after their class. ‘This yoga studio feels like a second home to me. It’s been my sanctuary in this busy city for the past two years.’
‘We will also miss you’, Elianor sipped her tea. ‘Please send us a postcard or two.’
Laura had stumbled across the studio by chance once when she was on her way to a dance class. She had fallen in love with its calm atmosphere immediately and had come in regularly, at least once a week, for a relaxing class. She had made some wonderful friends here and, although in the end of the day it was a business to run a yoga studio, she felt a glowing warmth each time she entered the place.
Laura raised her tea mug. ‘I will be sending you many cards and, as soon as I am back, I will tell you all about it.‘


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