Writing & Blogging

Writing and books have been Tiija’s passion for many years. Determined to pursue one her goals in life, Tiija recently wrote and published her debut novel ‘Four Sides to the Core’. The book is a semi-autobiographical novel that consists of small self-contained stories from Nepal, Kenya, Jordan and Pakistan. These stories form a bigger narrative that touch human rights, universal values and daily realities in these different cultures. It is a book based on Tiija’s travels in different countries as a development aid worker and researcher.

In 2012, Tiija also published two children’s books. The first book, ‘Nuttie – the Under water Survivor’, contains a story that she had come up with many years ago on alien creatures living on our earth, yet never had the chance to tell others. The second book, ‘The Joyland’, is a story set in Africa, aimed at Western children in order to highlight how different their lives could have been if they were born in a different continent. Both books were illustrated by primary school children.

You can find all of Tiija’s books and order copies at:


At present, in addition to working on a novel, Tiija writes a regular blog. This blog brings the reader stories from countries that Tiija have travelled to; whether close or far away. The blog also contains information about films that Tiija has seen, books that she has read and other exciting experiences that have come her way.

You can find the blog here:


Tiija is available for freelance writing work. Previously, she has worked for a social policy site called Policy Bloggers Netowork (http://www.policybloggersnetwork.com), and for the New Londoners Magazine (http://www.thenewlondoners.co.uk).  Rates of pay are negotiable. 


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