Educational work

Tiija completed her Doctoral Degree in 2008 from the Institute of Education, University of London, on the importance of creative activities (in particular musical and singing activities) in educational settings with children who exhibit communication difficulties. The doctoral thesis was sponsored by the Economics and Social Research Council. During her time at the Institute, Tiija worked for several research projects and also obtained small awards and scholarships for additional research work overseas. One of these trips was to the Educational Research Academy of the Government of Taiwan where she worked as an expert for local Governmental officials on the Finnish education system and on the role of creative subjects in the curriculum. 


Prior to completing her Doctoral Degree, Tiija had obtained two Master’s Degrees (Master of Arts and Master of Research Methods), as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, from the University of London. Over the years alongside her studies, Tiija worked with children and adults in several educational settings, such as pre-schools and adult education centres, and in various roles, including academic mentoring and music therapy work. 


Since then, Tiija has worked for several international NGOs,Government Agencies and universities (including UNICEF, Relief International and the UK Government). Such work has taken her to various countries (such as Nepal, Kenya and Jordan) where she has been able to use her knowledge and skills for the benefit of locals through research as well as practical work. The products of Tiija’s work are publications in international professional journals, articles in magazines, book chapters and handbooks for professionals. 


At the moment, Tiija works as an educational consultant and is a shareholder for a new social enterprise called Feynlabs. In addition to this, she teaches music and delivers music workshops (see Musical work), as well as engages in charity work (see Charity work). 



Tiija is available for freelance educational consultancy work. Her specialism lies in:


  • Children with special needs;
  • Creative activities in educational and therapeutic contexts;
  • Social inclusion and immigrants;
  • Education work in developing counties (in particular in Africa and South Asia).



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