Charity work

Tiija’s latest challenge is a small NGO, Volunteer East (, that she started up in 2011. The NGO recruits volunteers from the UK and sends them on placements in partnership organisations in developing countries, without placement fees. The NGO also does fundraising for its partnership organizations in Nepal, Uganda, India and Pakistan.

So far, Volunteer East has recruited tens of volunteers who have worked tirelessly in South Asia and Africa. Other achievements include fundraising for an IT education project in rural Uganda, clothes and toys for orphans in Nepal and new beds & mattresses for orphans in Pakistan.

Volunteer East is based in London, UK, but also has a branch in Finland. You can follow the work of Volunteer East at: If you are interested to find out more about volunteering opportunities or any aspect of the NGO’s work, please get in touch with Tiija at

For more specific information on the partnership organizations that Volunteer East works with, click on the links below:

A long-standing partner of Volunteer East in Uganda is a rural education project in Bunabumali. Volunteers help out with the day-to-day running of an orphan and needy children’s school, as well as with the orphans who lodge at the school. There is also an adult education programme on IT skills and hospitality on the go.

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The partnership project in Nepal is an orphanage run by a Spanish NGO. There are two orphan homes: one in Kathmandu and another in Chitwan. They house fifty orphans and are always looking for volunteers to come and teach the kids English, help with the day-to-day running of the orphanage and for any other tasks that volunteers feel that they can be useful for.

Another South Asian partner for Volunteer East is in India. The New Leed Trust is a small NGO working in the field of education for underprivileged and economically backward people in Southern India. Volunteers are welcome around the year and they can help with local community projects.

The newest partner of Volunteer East is in Pakistan. The NGO is a youth education organization in northern Pakistan, in Murree, located close to Islamabad. The NGo runs several educational projects in order to empower the local youth to pursue education and to build a future for themselves. Volunteers can get involved in several educational projects. The NGO does not have an active website at present, but you can find the Volunteer Co-ordinator on Facebook, or get in touch with Tiija to find out more:


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