Musical Beginnings East Piano School

Piano and Keyboard lessons are on offer in 2017 in East London – both children and adults welcome!


Musical Beginnings Piano School has been teaching a wide variety of students around East London since 2008. The school has an excellent pass rate for Grade Exams but also has taught a number of students who simply want to learn to play the instrument and enjoy music.

The age range of students has been from 3 years to adults. The school follows a syllabus that combines theory, technique and musical knowledge whilst making the lessons enjoyable. Currently we cover: Hackney, Tower Hamlets and parts of Newham and Islington.

For any enquiries, please contact the Director Tiija Rinta at

The school offers:

* Private one-to-one lessons in the comfort of the student’s home for £20  per 30minutes, £28 for 45 minutes and £35 for an hour – beginners and more advanced learners welcome!

Please note that discounts apply to lessons taken before 3pm during weekdays – £15 per 30mins, £20 for 45mins and £25 for 60mins.

* Twin piano and keyboard lessons for parents and siblings where both participants learn to play – effective way to motivate a child to learn! £30 per 60 minute session

* Tailored music therapy sessions for individuals and groups £30 per 60 minute long session.

* Community piano and keyboard lessons at local school for £7 per hour.


2 thoughts on “Musical Beginnings East Piano School”

  1. I’d love Lorenzo to work with you
    He is in class with Marcel and same school as Alex
    I know you’re in Aldgate on Wednesday and 5.30/6 pm would be great for me
    My mobile 07944677682

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